Brainwash // 3D Vision Recordings. Fractal Records. Global Army // Portugal
Members: Marco Pinto

Brainwash is a 3D Vision Recordings artist from Portugal. With an energetic and strong sound, it's one of the purest audio surgeons in the Night Full On music With astonishing skills in the studio, he is also delivering tones of power in the stages, always making the audience jump and dance till they get exhausted.

Marco Pinto aka Brainwash is born in 82 at Santarem (Portugal). He starts his psychedelic trance way as a DJ in the year 2000. After a couple of years begins to produce his own music and build his unique style. Caching the audience in every party or festival he act and establishing a unique and powerful sound that he keep after the years, fastly he begins to play outside Portugal, visiting some parts of the globe to spread his music in places like Japan, Mexico, Spain, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland...

Part of Fractal Records and Global Army Music with a huge list of tracks in eps and compilations, in the last years he joins 3D Vision Recordings as one of the most active members, delivering visions around the world.

Be aware new releases and collabs are coming out soon @ 3D Vision Rec