E.T // 3D Vision Recordings. // Japan 

E.T (Japan) is a 3D Vision Recordings Dj, Japanese Eiichi Takizawa has been enthusiastic about Psytrance since 1999 and started DJ  career in 2001. After that, he moved his base from Tokyo to Hokkaido and from there establish himself and develop a creative DJ style at events he produced. After several gigs, and parties Christof (Absolum) in 2006 invites Eiichi to represent & be the Japanese DJ of the label in the land of the rising sun.

E.T // 3D Vision Recordings // Japan 

E.T aka Eiichi Takizawa is a super skilled DJ from Japan, he begins his carrier at 99 and since then he always surpasses all expectations and achieves new techniques and skills to introduce in his powerful sets. Since 2006 Eiichi is representing the label of the visions in the rising sun land, always with energetic sets of night full-on psy ready to deliver in clubs, parties and festivals across all Japan

E.T is playing night full-on psytrance style with a selected list of tunes and remixes, he always attracts the audience with dynamic EQ tricks and tight control of four decks. You will be led to dance by mad night music and you will feel the shock of being sucked into torrent fractals.