LIXX // 3D Vision / Dropland / Lysergic // Mexico / U.S.A 

Lixx (Mexico) is our new djane @ 3D Vision Recordings for Mexico & U.S.A, known and really active in the Mexican scene for play  energetic and groovy sets, fast mixes and a unique music selection that is appreciated across the globe, blasting in Japan, Spain, U.S.A lots of festivals and parties always with success and a fan list that grows every day.

In 2019 Lixx was invited to join 3DV by label managers Ex-Gen to give fresh air and represent the music of the label of visions across Mexico, and North America, she is one of the best exponents of this exciting music & one of these rare cases than the quality and skills of the Dj is big as the performance she offers behind decks and the ability to transmit this music to the audience

LIXX // 3D Vision Recordings / Dropland / Lysergic // Mexico 

Lizeth Lopez aka LixX is one of the most talented night psy djanes at the land of tacos, with more than a decade of great gigs, she is always representing the north Mexico sound at the biggest and wildest stages, clubs and festivals, playing across whole Mexico and outside in places like Colorado, Texas (U.S.A), Malaga, Barcelona (Spain) or Osaka (Japan).

With a unique and tight style that engages every dancefloor to the max, Lixx sets are full of strong and electric music that can be tagged as night full-on, or as was known years ago hi-tech. No matter how u call it, u can feel the power of sharp mixes, a perfect selection of tunes and a performance that drives the party to the euphoria.

LixX is a really active playing on stages. But not happy with that she is now investing time of experiment and work on the production side with the aim to bring to life in the future Live project promising her followers quality music with psychedelic sounds.