3D Vision Recordings is a Spanish based music label active on the Psytrance music scene for the last twenty years, and it has always been at the leading edge of music production. Since the beginning, 3D Vision has been finding new ways of producing sounds and manipulating audio, with the ultimate goal of releasing futuristic and energetic music. “This is for the most extreme and wild dance floors, and it fits perfectly with the latest hours of the night,” says Label Managers DJ Nanuk & G.Martinez from Ex-Gen, proudly running the label for the last 2 years.

It is very rare that a music label keeps following the same music line for two decades, evolving into and reshaping a unique sound that has become a trademark to be recognized after only a few seconds of listening. This is because we have always privileged quality over quantity and because we have our own, but a long-term understanding of Psytrance music. 

These 20 years have resulted in creating a large community of fans and supporters. They inspire us and motivate us every day! We have also been inspiring a large number of DJs and music producers, and help them get into this music. It is such a great reward, and we are overwhelmed by seeing the number of people dancing on, enjoying and loving our music in almost every corner of the Planet.