Electronic War Symphony by Ex-Gen
  • Electronic War Symphony by Ex-Gen
  • Electronic War Symphony by Ex-Gen
  • Electronic War Symphony by Ex-Gen

Electronic War Symphony by Ex-Gen

3DVCD038 // Ex-Gen / Electronic War Symphony / Album V.A // CD/MP3/WAV // Spain / 2020

This is the first long-awaited album from the Spanish night full-on duo Ex-Gen, this time they remix, help and work with some of the best names in the night full-on the scene with a tracklist full of gems and live edits. Tunes with Absolum, Outer Signal, Alienn, Theoreme, Smash3d, Khopat, Darth Riders... available in CD/MP3/WAV 

Reached: #1 TOP100PSY #36 TOP100(All genres)

Reached: #1 TOP100PSY (2 weeks) / #36 TOP100 (All genres)
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3D Vision ‎– 3DV CD 037 / CDV DA 001

Electronic War Symphony by Ex-Gen ‎– Album


Spain / 2020

Electronic / Psy-Trance


01 / Weekly Mansion 402 (Ex-Gen 2020 Live Remix) / Absolum, Theoreme / 8:23

02 / The Final Mission / Darth Raiders, Ex-Gen / 8:57

03 / Get Up Now (Ex-Gen Remix) / Outer Signal, Absolum / 8:23

04 / Black Rain / Brainwash, Ex-Gen / 7:54

05 / Get Back In / Absolum, Ex-Gen / 8:41

06 / Extinction / Alienn, Ex-Gen / 8:33

07 / Tragedy / Khopat, Ex-Gen / 7:21

08 / Yeah / Smashed, Ex-Gen / 7:58

09 / Aragai / Theoreme, Ex-Gen / 6:51


Digital version:




CD Version




Ex-Gen "Electronic War Symphony"

Version: Digital Album/CD

Artist(s): Ex-Gen + Absolum, Alienn, Brainwash, Smashed, Outer Signal, Khopat, Darth Raiders, and Theoreme.

Genre: Electronic  Psy Trance

Release info:

This is the age of electronic human society. Bytes and pixels are part of our souls and we are learning to live inside the digital chaos, breathing and flowing in a delicate equilibrium trying to synchronize the wild beat of our hearts with the neon flashing lights. The war’s inside us like a symphony of emotions needs to be shown. We are the fighters of the sonic frequencies, Megahertz ninjas, audio commandos, and decibel vigilantes, using speakers as weapons, beats as swords and laser leads to burn any dancefloor. This dangerous psycho arsenal it's under the surveillance of the famous night full-on duo from Spain “Ex-Gen”, a one-way ticket mission to the uncontrollable euphoria common on their music. Luckily, they are not alone and for this adventure, the best agents of the world joined for the music war: Absolum, Alienn, Brainwash, Smash3d, Outer Signal, Khopat, Darth Riders, and Theoreme. A dream gathering of artists and tunes that reminds the old famous compilations from "the Label of Visions" where every track was an auditive gem, a treasure to be saved for ages, and the perfect song to be jumping and dancing under the moon on a dirty and dusty party. This is not a test, this is your Emergency Visions System announcing the commencement of the Electronic War Symphony. Get ready!


Mastered by: MIX AUDIO


3DVCD030 / 3DVDA001