Reboot by Brainwash
  • Reboot by Brainwash

Reboot by Brainwash

3DVEP022 // Reboot by Brainwash // Digital WAV/MP3 // Spain / 2017

Super night hero from Portugal Brainwash bring us a mega release with 3 tunes that includes a remix from god Absolum and a collab with the Spanish duo Ex-Gen

3D Vision ‎– 3DVEP022

Reboot by Brainwash

Digital, WAV/MP3

Spain / 2017

Electronic / Psy-Trance

Release Info:

A quantum worm uncoiled itself out of the system being restored, suddenly collapsing the whole digital audio workstation. Alarms sounded and the graphs scrolling across Marco's screen spiked wildly. His laptop was plugged into a large black box of qubits, the liquid hydrogen coolant vented slowly in quietly dissipating clouds.

The phone beside Marco rang and he jumped with shock. He answered it.

"Hey," said the voice, "are you the Rebooter?"

"Yes," answered Marco brusquely.

"I'm sure you've got it under control but I was just monitoring your system and it's gone crazy."

"Why were you monitoring my system?" said Marco.

"I'm in charge of system supervision," said the voice.

"I see," said Marco, " Then you want to know what's going on right? Come down here. We are just having a f.. killer party"

shutdown /r


01 Brainwash Reboot 8:55
Written-By, Marco Pinto

02 Absolum Push remix by Brainwash 6:57
Written-By, Christof Drouillet remix by: Marco Pinto

03 Ex-Gen & Brainwash Phuture 6:57
Written-By, German Martinez, Manuel J Marti, Marco Pinto


Produced At: 3DV Headquarters, Spain

Master by: G.Martinez (Ex-Gen)

Design by: Senbonzakura Studio/Sp


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