Cyclogenesis by Brainwash
  • Cyclogenesis by Brainwash

Cyclogenesis by Brainwash

3DVEP025 // Cyclogenesis by Brainwash // Digital WAV/MP3 // Spain / 2018

Super night hero from Portugal Brainwash brings us a new release with 2 tunes that includes a collab with A-Mush

3D Vision ‎– 3DVEP025

Cyclogenesis by Brainwash

Digital, WAV/MP3

Spain / 2018

Electronic / Psy-Trance

Release Info:

21st century, Planet Earth...Unusual atmospheric activity is detected around several parts of the Globe, creating electric storms and increasing global pressure. Strange interferences are burning out all computers and electronics, letting us offline, bringing us back to the dark age. And a cure is discovered by Portuguese audio scientist Marco Pinto, better known by his colleagues as "Brainwash". After investigation, he understands he has to smash the whole planet with heavy doses of sonic waves and psychotropic beats. This would lower global pressure and bring the climate back to safe levels. The first wave works, but not sonic blaster Joao Fonte as known as "A-Mush" joins forces for the second one...

...Back to normal now, but unexpected side effects reported in humans...Signs of euphoria, infinite joy and the ability to dance for long periods of time...


01 Brainwash Non Stop 8:41
Written-By, Marco Pinto

03 A-Mush & Brainwash Genesis 9:25
Written-By, Joao Fontei, Marco Pinto


Produced At: 3DV Headquarters, Spain

Master by: G.Martinez (Ex-Gen)

Design by: Senbonzakura Studio/Sp