Arcad3 Selected by Nanuk
  • Arcad3 Selected by Nanuk

Arcad3 Selected by Nanuk

3DVEP026 // Arcad3 selected by Nanuk / Various Artists // Digital WAV/MP3 // Spain / 2018

This is a digital compilation selected by Nanuk, one of our main DJs and label manager, he gathered a killa digital release with Brainwash, X-Side, Z3ro & Absolum.

3D Vision ‎– 3DVEP026

Selected by Nanuk

Digital, WAV/MP3

Spain / 2019

Electronic / Psy-Trance

Release Info:

Arcad3 is a tribute to the 20th century last decades, the period when first videogames appeared. A world of bright pixels, shinny screens, flashing plasmas, loud surround sound, dumb artificial intelligence, and huge motherboards getting control in dark and noisy video games rooms. Caves where kids were spending hours listening to looped mantras coming out from the speakers, driving them into an electronic higher state of consciousness. The world was mutating, forcing humankind to digital evolution. The binary age started...

Arcad3 includes two Psytrance night gems crafted for wild night dancefloors. Selected by Label Manager Nanuk (1/2 Ex-Gen, active as a Dj and music producer of the same gender) the Spanish psycho vampire, as he calls himself, gathered this 2 Traxx digital pack for the Label's 20 years. "Conflict", an original track by label artists and sonic masters Brainwash (Portugal) and X-Side (Mexico) and an astonishing edit made by Z3ro from "No Rush" by label founder Absolum.

Get some visions by going 3D.


01 Brainwash & X-Side Conflict 8:00
Written-By, Producer – Marco Pinto, Luis Cruz

02 Absolum No Rush Z3ro edit 8:25
Written-By, Producer – Christof Drouillet, edit Javier Duran


Selected by: Dj Nanuk

Produced At: 3DV Headquarters, Spain

Master by: G.Martinez (Ex-Gen)

Design by: Senbonzakura Studio/Sp