Theoreme // 3D Vision Recordings. // Japan
Members: Tadashi Sasaki

Thoereme is a 3D Vision Recordings artist from Japan. His sound it´s energetic, with a special atmosphere that delivers the listener to an auditive experience perfectly crafted and tested to dance and enjoy in the most extreme clubs and festivals.

Theoreme (3D VISION)

Theoreme is Solo unit of Tadashi Sasaki, The first Japanese artist of 3D Vision. He started providing tracks to inside and outside of Japan after releasing "LESS IS MORE". After great success, he was invited to perform in a lot of parties in Japan and in other countries such as Portugal and Australia. As a producer is not only working on Night Full-on and psychedelic trance, behind the alter ego "Standard Clear" is creating progressive music, and as "Re.birth" is creating powerful techno tunes releasing in IBZ Recordings or Sonotechno Rec.

Outside electronic music, this Japanese audio wizard is working for several companies releasing film works and creating some of the pieces of the soundtrack.

In 2013,  Theoreme release"STRIKES BACK EP" @ 3D Vision Rec and in only 3 days was ranked #3 @ top 100 Beatport psychedelic trance. His unique and characteristic sound is growing and evolving every day and he has some amazing collabs with master Absolum or the Ex-Gen duo.

Be aware new releases and collabs are coming out soon @ 3D Vision Rec