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RAIDER // Denmark

RAIDER // 3D Vision Recordings. // Denmark 

Raider (Denmark) is a 3D Vision Recordings dj for more than a decade and has since he joined the label in 2005, become a seasoned artist in the scene. He is reputed for his superb mixing technique, energetic performance with a raw, recognizable hitech-nologically psychedelic style. His track selection is ruthless, but transitions are smooth as butter.

These days Raider is focusing on compiling releases, distributing the quintessential works of psychedelic trance through cyberspace. In 2015 he made his first EP contribution to 3D Vision Catalog with ‘Viral’, featuring Locked Locker (Hyperactive and Killer Buds) and Darth Raiders (Smashed and Khopat).

Your fluorescent rebellion happens on the dance floor with Raider behind the DJ deck.

RAIDER // 3D Vision Recordings // Denmark 

dj Raider after successful bookings at a large variety of venues, with crowds and at club-residencies, is one of the most veterans DJs of the night full-on psytrance scene and @ the label of visions. Raider has performed across all Denmark, from The Tube to Bryggen, Neun to Docken, Halvandet to Amager.

In 2005 Raider joined french 3D Vision Recordings as a label-DJ, but he is known for his superb mixing technique, appealing track selection, and energetic performance. Raider plays a majority of electronic music, while being notorious for his raw and recognizable psychedelic-style.

Raider has played on the lineup with recognized artists such as: Absolum, CPU, Electric Universe, Psysex, Midimiliz, The Delta, Aes Dana, Hujaboy, Sub6, Astrix, Astral Projection, Ananda Shake, Electro Sun, Allaby, Electrypnose, Infected Mushroom, Talamasca, S.U.N. Project, and more.

Raider delivered visions @ some of the best festivals and parties like: Distortion 09, Conzzept 04 (Denmark), Naked Festival 06 (Germany), Big Bagalan Open Air (Sweden) and Fragmental Festival 2008, Reference (Denmark): Halvandet, Amager Bio, Enghavevej 80, Bryggen, The Tube, Neun, Århus Firma Sport, Docken, Stengade 30, Diskotek In, Renomé, Electrolysen, Råhuset, LevelCPH, Dakota, Spirit, Bahia, Bazooka Club, Woodstock, Klub 42, Bunkeren, Fælledparken and various forrest parties.