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A-Mush // 3D Vision Recordings. Dropland Rec. Lysergic Rec // Portugal
Members: Joao Fonte

A-mush is a 3D Vision Recordings artist from Portugal. His sound it´s pure energy, known as one of the most loved and respected artists on the night full-on scene, his performances are a huge dose of enjoyment and power that make the audience connects with their inner animal transforming the dance floor in a wild experience, full of dust, shouts and happy faces.

A-Mush (3D Vision, Dropland Rec, Lysergic Rec) Portugal

Joka is the guy behind the project A-Mush, which started in 2006. Over the years he has been developing his musical skills and performances becoming one of the best producers in Portugal, with live acts full of energy and powerful beats that drive the audience to a higher state of psychedelia perfect for the darkest hours of the night.

A-Mush first release was in 2008 (Behind the Dark) at Lad Records since then he had the opportunity to release tracks in some of the best labels of the night full-on genre, he is one of the most recognized artists of the prestigious labels 3D Vision Recordings & Dropland Recordings both now located in Spain.

A-Mush has performed in several events in his homeland delivering the best music in almost every corner of the Lusitan country:  (Freedom Festival 2011, Psybertech 2008, Luminopolis, KIN 2012 working regularly with the best local promoters LIke Crystal Matrix, Digital Oracle,Psyart etc. He also has a huge list of gigs in the international scene, Joka performed in countries like Spain, Mexico, England, Germany and Cape Town, South Africa!!

Much is expected from this Portuguese project and an EP is being cooked atm for Dropland and 3D Vision Recordings.
A-Mush is currently working with, Ex-Gen, Brainwash, Alienn, etc.. And some work already released in labels from many parts of the world such as Ultravision Rec. Global Army Music, MMD Rec. Terror Lab industries Rec. Replicant rec, Timecode Rec.

Be aware new releases and collabs are coming out soon @ 3D Vision Rec