Interference by Z3ro
  • Interference by Z3ro

Interference by Z3ro

3DVEP023 // Inrerference by Z3ro // Digital WAV/MP3 // Spain / 2017

Interference, the action of interfering or the process of being interfered with. Z3ro is quite a phenomenon. Javier Duran, Mexican producer is a long-time activist on the scene and a master in superposing waves of sounds to form a resultant effect of greater amplitude. Playing those tracks all around for quite a while made us sign Z3ro's first EP on 3D Vision. 3 nighters and a great remix for the Mexican audio manipulator X-Side.

Get some visions by going 3D.

3D Vision ‎– 3DVEP023

Interference by Z3ro

Digital, WAV/MP3

Spain / 2017

Electronic / Psy-Trance


01 X-Side Space Shuttle Pulse Z3ro Rmx 7:00
Written-By, Luis Cruz Remix Javier Duran

02 Z3ro Expended Mind 8:03
Written-By, Javier Duran

03 Z3ro Audio Space 7:33
Written-By, Javier Duran


Produced At: 3DV Headquarters, Spain

Master by: G.Martinez (Ex-Gen)

Design by: Senbonzakura Studio/Sp