Infected by Ex-Gen & X-Side
  • Infected by Ex-Gen & X-Side

Infected by Ex-Gen & X-Side

3DVEP021 // Infected by Ex-Gen & X-Side // Digital WAV/MP3 // Spain / 2016

The year 2537 in a galaxy far, far away... Interplanetary special forces EX-GEN and X-SIDE are on their first joint-mission. They know that Proxima Centauri is no ordinary place since the whole galaxy is plagued by a lethal virus turning any living species into something vicious, unthinking and feral. The pandemic danger threatens to consume all. On a quest to find the source of the infection, on a quest to find the cure..they must strike back before everything becomes Infected.and life falls!!!

3D Vision ‎– 3DVEP021

Infected by Ex-Gen & X-Side

Digital, WAV/MP3

Spain / 2016

Electronic / Psy-Trance


01 Infected 7:54
Written-By, German Martinez, Manuel Jose Marti, Luis Cruz


Produced At: 3DV Headquarters, Spain

Master by: G.Martinez (Ex-Gen)

Design by: Senbonzakura Studio/Sp


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