Smash3d // 3D Vision Recordings. Dropland Rec // Ibiza
Members: Romain Moly

Smash3d (Ibiza) is Romain Moly Escorsa (D-Unit, Dexel) one of the most talented and skilled artists in the Spanish scene, half french, he is known for being a magician behind the desk of the studio, creating tunes full of energy and strong atmospheres with tones of psychedelic power, perfect skills for a night psy artist that have released in some of the best labels worldwide. 

Smash3d (3D Vision, Dropland Rec) Ibiza

Smash3d started at Ibiza in 2007  by Romain Moly Escorsa (D-Unit, Dexel) with the aim to make something different and stronger than what he heard all the life @ the white island (Ibiza) spending all the time he had in the studio creating the core of what is today SMASHED.

Nowadays Smash3d became an Artist of the French//Ibiza//Barcelona label 3D Vision Rec, and partner of the small but brave label Dropland Recordings. The Smashed sound through the years becomes more powerful & aggressive, reaching the highest levels of production & sound quality that can be described as top quality hi-tech psytrance.

Release after release Smash3d is beating the charts and being recommended around the most important digital music shops, such as Beatport, JunoDownload… And nowadays he is becoming one of the reference artists on the genre, after every gig, release or steps Romain is doing on his musical carrier, he is getting some of the success and good feedbacks, he deserves after hard work, and a life, fully dedicated to the electronic music.

His musical restlessness brings Smash3d to work on collaboration or remix tracks with Barcelona duo Ex-Gen (#3 on Beatport psytrance charts), Absolum (Soon), Concept, Zero, Khopat

Atom´s EP (Dropland Recordings) was the debut release of Smash3d, after comes releases on 3D Vision Recordings (Becoming one of 3DVision´s 2k10//2k11 new Live acts) and on other labels such as Time Code Records, Nutek Records, Fractal Records, Mechanik Records, Hypergate Records, Ultravision Records.

As a Live Act or Deejay Smash3d has played with artist´s like: GMS, Lost and Found, Absolum, Infected Mushroom, Ex-Gen, Random L, Celli, Shanti, Domi Pastor, Aum Project, Dj Nanuk, Magneto, Earworm, Sidaharta, Khopat, BrainWash,Zinx…and more on some of the best clubs or parties around.

Be aware new releases and collabs are coming out soon @ 3D Vision Rec