Z3RO // 3D Vision Recordings. Dropland Rec, Fractal Rec // Mexico
Members: Javier Duran

Z3ro (Mexico) Javier Duran is a super talented artist from Mexico, he is known for a unique sound, full of energy and intense atmospheres that drives the audience to a psychedelic experience perfect to enjoy on the dancefloor, metal robots soundtrack for most exigent ears that are crafted and melted slowly in the studio and can cause visions and high states of euphoria. 

Z3RO // 3D Vision Recordings. Dropland Rec, Fractal Rec // Mexico

Javier Duran aka Z3ro being born in the year in 1986 at Mexico City always has been interested in Music and its Origin. He was only 17 years old when he gave his first step into Psy Trance as a local DJ, Playing was a way to express his feelings but as years passed he wanted to go further and deeper...

The time came when Javier Duran aka Z3ro decided to join one of his fellow DJ Friends (Reaxion) to make what we know today as the project named "Speedball".After a break for them to have time in their own solos, they decide to push the duos Live one more time coming back stronger and better than before signing with Materia Records from Spain.

Years passed and Javier Duran aka Z3ro took a choice of giving rebirth to his solo act "Z3RO" giving it a new story in 2009 and having his debut along pioneers of the scene. Nowadays is part of Fractal Records (Switzerland) Dropland Recordings (Spain) and 3D Vision

Javier Duran aka Z3ro is one of the new Live Acts you will be hearing frequently with its sharp and powerful beats showing every dancefloor why there should be a "cero" tolerance when it comes to making the dancefloor shake.

Be aware new releases and collabs are coming out soon @ 3D Vision Rec