GUAPA LEE // 3D Vision / Dropland / Magnetika / Crystal Matrix // Portugal 

Guapa Lee (Portugal) is our new djane for 3D Vision Recordings in the beautiful country of Portugal, she is really active and her list of gigs every year gets longer, and after the years has been recognized across all his country and all this success make her play in other countries such as South Africa, Mexico or Spain. 

Guapa Lee became one of main and lead djanes on the nigh psytrance scene, and her skills are year after year more developed, taking the control of every dancefloor she acts. In 2019 Nanuk & G.Martinez invites Sussana to join the home of visions, and represent the distinctive sound of the label in Portugal.

GUAPA LEE // 3D Vision Recordings // Portugal 

Susana Borges aka Guapa Lee was born in 86 in the psytrance mecca of Portugal. She started in the world of music at a young age, taking piano, and guitar lessons since a kid, at the age of 14 she began to sing Fado, a form of traditional Portuguese music.

Susana in 2008 fell in love with the art of mixing, encouraged by her friend DJ Fritz begins to play and achieve the needed skills and technique to release to the world her Dj facet under the name of Guapa Lee.

Nowadays Guapa Lee sets are jam-packed, a blasting wave of melodic energy and night full-on music, with traces of psychedelic vibes and rhythmic atmospheres that are mixed together in a perfect size to deliver amazing Dj sets that can be enjoyed every weekend in the best parties and festivals in Portugal, and make her play in other countries like Spain, South Africa, Mexico. 

Guapa Lee has shared the stage with most of the top artist in the psytrance scene like Sun Project, Talamasca, Space Tribe, Ex-Gen, Logic Bomb, Etnica, Koxbox, Electric Universe, Vibe Tribe, Absolum, Hux Flux, Shift, Khainz, Neelix, D-Maniac, Tryambaka, A-Mush, Iliuchina and many more.

Guapa Lee is one of the last DJ's have joined to the legendary night music label 3D Vision Recordings, she is also part of the Dropland Rec gang were she has the role of icon djane in Portugal and booking manager for Ex-Gen... Guapa Lee is into one of the firsts psytrance girls label agency in the world "Magnetika Agency"  and resident DJ for the most known Portuguese org "Crystal Matrix".